Anatomy of a City
a short film made by Mandragora Productions
for Glasgow UK City of Architecture & Design 1999

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Anatomy of a City

A short film comparing the city to a human body.
From the skeletal ironwork of buildings under construction,
the arterial motorways and green lungs of the city,
to the surface skins and designs on buildings.
Anatomy of a City
How it was made

This ten-minute film was mainly shot on 16mm stock, but also uses unusual filming techniques on a variety of media, including Super8, enhanced 35mm photographs, timelapse and rotoscoped images. The final cut is available on BetacamSP, miniDV and other video formats, with a CDROM version and a film print planned.

Please tell us via the feedback form if you'd like to purchase a copy of the film.

Anatomy of a City
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